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Make a Disclosure to Stopline

Online Disclosure


1300 30 45 50 – Australia

+61 3 9811 3275 (overseas – reverse charges)


Search for Stopline in the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download the free app and submit a disclosure.


Send an email to: [email protected]


NRL c/o Stopline PO Box 403, Diamond Creek, VIC 3089


Attention: NRL c/o Stopline

+61 3 9882 4480


The National Rugby League (NRL) is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. This Whistleblower Hotline is provided to registered Players and Club Officials of the NRL to encourage reporting of wrongdoing (“Reportable Conduct”) that is of legitimate concern. Further information on Reportable Conduct is available throughout this site.

It is the duty of all Players and Club Officials to report any suspected breach of the NRL Rules, including all Schedules and Guidelines to those Rules, as soon as possible after forming the relevant suspicion.