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The National Rugby League Whistleblower Hotline

The NRL Whistleblower Hotline is an independent service run by Stopline that enables you the opportunity to report matters which are suspected of being Reportable Conduct – anonymously if you wish. Reportable Conduct is conduct such as:

  • Player misconduct/behaviour
  • Match fixing/gambling issues/insider information
  • Anti-doping matters
  • Recreational drug use
  • Social media misuse
  • Salary cap/third party payment suspicions
  • Associations which may affect the image of the NRL (e.g. organised crime, OMCG links)
  • Any other integrity related issues

The service includes:

  • Dedicated hotline number, website, fax, mail and email address for registered Players and Club Officials to disclose Reportable Conduct.
  • Expert forensic investigators will analyse each disclosure and provide the disclosure information to the NRL’s Disclosure Coordinator.

Stopline has been a leader of disclosure management services in Australia for over a decade and has partnered with numerous organisations assisting with demonstrable best practice corporate governance initiatives.

What happens next?

Once received at Stopline, your disclosure will be assessed by an experienced Stopline employee and the disclosure is forwarded to the NRL’s Disclosure Coordinator. The NRL’s Disclosure Coordinator will determine what action is required regarding the disclosure.

Every disclosure is assigned a Unique Reference Number by Stopline. Please keep a record of the Unique Reference Number.